The Easy Way to Discover How Others Feel and Think

Research on non-verbal communication reveals that the large majority of messages are perceived through different levels of effectiveness. The impact made on others depends on what is said (7%), how it is said (38%), and through body language cues (55%).

Our bodies send out messages constantly and often we don’t realize that we communicate more or the opposite than what was said. As the saying goes “Our body speaks louder than words.”

By learning and mastering non-verbal signals, we become aware of the messages we broadcast and perceive and use it to improve our communication and life skills.

The Body Language Cards were created by a team of expert as a training tool to recognize the most common body gestures, and how to use their meaning to improve life skills in: Leadership; Interviews;  Presentations; Relationship; Management; Negotiations; Dating; Parenting.

Body language cards uses the flash card methodology because it offers a visual learning experience, and body language is a visual mode of communication, you can not learn it just from reading, you must see it. Body Language Cards flood your consciousness with the visual gesture and connect it to its meaning allowing memorization and  retention and will turn useful when interpreting gestures in real-time situations.

The Body Language Cards kit includes 56 cards and a booklet containing information on Body Language, training tools: learning instructions, game and ice-breaker for meetings and presentation tips.

The Body Language Cards kit is a “Smart Gift” for individuals and companies as a giveaway for employees, HR training, meeting participants and customers. The cover box can be personalized by adding the company logo, person’s name, workshop’s name, trainer’s name and more.

"Because Our Body Speaks Louder Than Words!"

To purchase the kit visit

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