Few Cues to Improve Communication Skills

While talking with your client he slightly tugs his collar. Is this an important cue for you? What does it mean? If you understand this signal, can you use it to your advantage? Is this a sign of stress? Your client just signaled with his body language “I need more air.” This gesture suggests slight tension an…d dissatisfaction. Can you imagine how understanding this signal could improve the quality of conversation?

While talking with your friend she grasps her shirt/jacket cuffs, what is she signaling? Your friend just signaled “I don’t feel safe.” This gesture suggests obstruction and defensiveness.

Your child is searching for a necklace (possibly imaginary), what is she signaling? The message is “I have to protect myself.” This gesture suggests uncertainty, insecurity, and emotional tension. Also animals tend to protect their throat, which is where the main artery located.

Your co-worker is breaking eye contact with you and brushing off imaginary dust. He iis signaling “I’m not with you.” This gesture suggests partial concealment of information, dissatisfaction, and disagreement.

Your legs are wrapped around the chair legs, your body is leaning forward holding the arms of the chair. What are you signaling? This is a determined, entrenched position and it may stem from insecurity.

Body Language gives us information beyond spoken words. Frequently what people say may differ from what their body is saying. Our bodies send out messages constantly and often we don’t realize we communicate more than what we want or the opposite than what is said. As the saying goes “Our body speaks louder than words.”

Research on non-verbal communication reveals that the large majority of messages are perceived through different levels of effectiveness. The impact made on others depends on what is said (7%), how it is said (38%), and through body language cues (55%).

So how important is Body Language? Well, 55% of our communication with others is our body language, that is more than both words and tone of voice combined.

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