Unspoken Body Language Clues

Body language is a mysterious and unspoken way people unconsciously communicate what is really on their mind and when many are either unsure of, or reluctant to openly communicate their intentions, relying on their body language could tell you what words do not say. Remember, body language by itself only tells part of the story you must blend it with the psychological level and behavioural style, and then attempt to get a better context reading. It must be taken in the context of the situation and prior relationship you have with the person, as well as the person’s behavior and culture style.

Having said that, here are few typical, well-known descriptions of certain types of behaviors you should be aware of to provide clues to what is on your interlocutor mind:


· Open hands
· Leaning forward
· Taking coat off
· Moving closer
· Uncrossed legs
· Arms gently crossing lower body


· Small upper or inward smile
· Erect body stance
· Hands open, arms extended, eyes wide and alert
· Lively and bouncy voice, well-modulated


· Minimal eye contact
· Rigid body
· Arms or legs crossed tightly
· Pursed lips
· Head down with chin depressed toward chest
· Fists clenched
· Fingers clenching crossed arms
· Leaning back in chair


· Fists clenched
· Body rigid
· Squinting of eyes
· Lips closed and held in a tight thin line
· Continued eye contact with dilation of pupils
· Shallow breathing


· Leaning forward in chair
· Hand placed mid-thigh
· Relaxed, but alive facially
· Standing with hands on hips, feet slightly spread


· Slightly tilted head
· Sitting on the front portion of chair with upper torso forward
· Hand-to-cheek gesture
· Stroking chin or pulling beard


· Clearing throat
· Hand-to-mouth movements
· Covering mouth when speaking
· Tugging at ear
· Darting eyes
· Twitching lips or face
· Mouth slightly open
· Playing with objects or fidgeting
· Shifting weight while standing
· Tapping fingers
· Waving foot
· Pacing
· Whistling

Suspicion and Secrecy

· Failing to make eye contact or resisting your glances
· Glancing sideways at you
· Rubbing or touching nose
· Squinting or peering over glasses

Rejection and Doubt

· Throat-clearing
· Hand-rubbing or ear-Touching and rubbing nose
· Squinting or rubbing eyes
· Arms and legs crossed
· tugging
· Raising eyebrow

Confidence and Authority

· Resting feet on desk
· Leaning back with hands laced behind head
· Proud, erect body stance with chin forward
· Continuous eye contact with little blinking

Needing Reassurance

· Pinching the fleshy part of hands
· Biting fingernails or examining cuticles
· Gently rubbing or caressing some personal object — ring, watch

Frustration and Disturbance

· Tightly clenched hands or shaking fists
· Hand wringing, rubbing back of neck
· Controlled short breathing
· Blind staring
· Running hands through hair
· Stamping foot

Boredom and Indifference

· Head in hand
· Relaxed posture, slouching
· Tapping foot, fingers
· Slack lips
· Blank stares, little eye contact
· Doodling


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