A Handshake Can Make One Believe that They Are The Most Important In The World!

The ritual of the handshake is powerful and a highly effective way to establish rapport with others. Most of the time we do it unconsciously and it profoundly affects our relationships.

Here are five tips on how to shake hands in the business environment:

1. Make sure your right hand is free to shake hands, shift your briefcase or cell-phone to your left hand before you shake the other person’s hand.

2. While you are shaking hands, look directly into the other person’s eyes and smile. When releasing the hand do not look down.

3. Don’t use the upper handshake; keep palm-to-palm handshake.

4. Hold the other person’s hand a few fractions of a second longer than you are naturally inclined to. Doing so will, quite literally, hold the other person’s attention while you exchange greetings.

5. It’s OK to touch the other person’s elbow, this conveys additional sincerity and warmth.

Creating eye contact: At Hurricane Katrina Recovery in 2005, at the Houston Astrodome, the former President Bill Clinton master making people feel that at this moment they are the most important person in the world.

The Body Language Cards kit was created as a self-learning and training tool by experts in the non-verbal communication field and are based on the flash card methodology. Q-cards send a signal to our brain that it’s a game and not another bulk of information that we have to learn and therefore the information is more effectively consolidated. With flash cards much of the information is integrated in additional brain areas, those involved in habits acquisition.

It’s the easiest way to learn and retain body language gestures and enhance non-verbal listening skills!

“Because our body speaks louder than words!”

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