We All Speak Body Language! Do We Know How To Read It?

Beyond Words

If we were asked what is the first language we spoke we all think we know the answer, we might answer English, French, Japanese, Chinese or any other language, yet the answer is not accurate, the answer should be “Non-Verbal Language”.

As a new-born, we did not master our native language yet we did communicate with our voice, facial expression and body language, no matter which country we were born in, we all communicated non-verbally and got our needs met.

As we grew, we learned a language or two and we started communicating in our native tongue yet what’s interesting is, we also continue using non-verbal communication throughout our life, every single day in every communication we have. The question is do we know how to read body language? Do we know what we communicate non-verbally. Do we understand the messages or cues we receive from others? Do we make sure the message we deliver is in tuned with our verbal communication?

Think of the first time you meet someone, before they even introduced themselves you already felt something or had an impression about that person? What was it based on? Body language? Posture? Facial expression? How they were dressed? All those are non-verbal cues. How about you, how are viewed by others first time you meet? Do you make a first good impression? Do you use the right body language to create trust and rapport?

Even though we already know how to speak at least one language, we are taught in school grammar. We even get to choose to learn a second language yet the most universal language, which is used on a daily basis on every discussion, occasion and situation we did not master and we did not learn its “grammar”.

Did you know: when you’re in a job interview, a negotiation or a sales meeting when a person holds an object in their mouth it could mean they need more information? If you or someone you talk to touches the main artery it’s a cue of defensiveness? If your hands are in your pocket or behind your back you might be perceived as a person who is hiding something or cannot be trusted?

We all communicate non-verbally and use body language yet do we truly know how to read the cues? When mastering body language we learn how to read and understand how others are really feeling and thinking and we learn how to enhance our verbal message.

Do not miss the opportunity to master body language. The Body Language Cards Company have created a tool to master universal body language gestures which is based on the “flash card” methodology. Body language is a visual language and flash cards help recall the meaning behind gestures and movements in real-time situations. It’s the easiest and most effective way to master body language, with only 56 cue cards, to enhance communication, relationship, leadership, presentation, negotiation, sales, parenting, interview, teaching and dating skills.

Learn how to really read what others are truly saying and thinking and see non-verbal communication in “High Definition” for only $24.95

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BodyLanguageCards - 56 Flash Cards - Master Body Language!

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5 Comments on “We All Speak Body Language! Do We Know How To Read It?”

  1. Margarita Says:

    Great post. Smart idea with this cards. Cool!
    Hard to find. Get more exposure. Thank you.

  2. Reply Says:

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  3. Casas en RGV Says:

    awesome post! keep up this sweet stuff

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