Build Immediate Trust and Rapport with the Right Handshake

Today, many cultures have adapted the handshake as the standard greeting gesture. It is often the first impression that many others will have of you, hopefully along with your smile and some nice words. A proper handshake can impress upon someone a favorable first meeting, build trust and show them that you are a confident and secure person. Particularly in the business world, much emphasis is put on a healthy handshake.

Here are five tips for a good and proper handshake:

  • Make sure that you’re able to freely shake their hand. Make sure your right hand is clear to shake the other person’s hand so that there isn’t a moment of pause as you pocket your cell phone or put down your briefcase. This may show nervousness or hesitation on your part and show to the other person that you’re not fully ready for the encounter.Once you are shaking their hand, maintain eye contact!
  • Make sure you’re looking at them directly in the eyes, and put on a nice smile. Being able to hold eye contact shows confidence, and a smile is a welcoming gesture that allows the other person to feel happier. Once you are done shaking hands, do not look down. Maintain eye contact for a few more seconds before breaking it.
  • Use the palm-to-palm handshake. It is the most common amongst professionals and the most trusting handshake. The palms are vital components of the outer expression of our inner feeling; we cover our palms when we feel defensive. Thus, touching palms with another person’s may build trust and confidence in the relationship.
  • Hold the handshake a few seconds longer than you naturally feel inclined to. It will literally grab the other person’s attention a few seconds longer, showing them that you’re paying full attention to them as well.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed to touch the other person’s elbow; this conveys sincerity and feelings of comfort. Of course, do not touch everybody’s elbows when shaking hands, but definitely when you wish to convey feelings of sincerity and warmth.

Next time you know you’re entering a situation where you must shake hands, keep these tips in mind and use them to improve your non-verbal communication. By understanding and improving non-verbal communication, you may better align it to the message you’d like to convey. This creates an overall confidence in your message which will effectively get across to your audience.

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